A Better Digital Picture Frame

Years ago, we were looking for a nice digital picture frame to have around the house to display family photos on. But we were dismayed to find that most digital picture frames really suck. They have low-resolution screens with small viewing angles, they're impossible to set up and use, and most of them don't even look like real picture frames. They don't do photos justice.

As a group of passionate amateur photographers, we wanted to create something better. A quality digital picture frame, with the very best image quality, that doesn't look like a digital picture frame. So we built iFrame.

iFrame uses the device you already have, and that you already know how to use – your iPad – as the core of the ultimate digital picture frame. With its amazing "retina" display, the iPad is perfect for displaying photos with rich colors and a high degree of detail. Your photos have never looked better.

iFrame itself was crafted to hold your iPad at the perfect viewing angle, and to give it an elegant, classic appearance that's at home in any setting. We worked with an artisan frame maker for over a year to create a frame that is beautiful, but also simple to use, and functional. We explored a variety of different woods, finishes, and mechanisms for securing the iPad in place.

In the end, we built something we think you'll love, whether it's in your home, your office, or your business: a beautiful frame that can turn any iPad into the ultimate digital picture frame.

- The iFrame Team