iPad Articles

We have put together some resources and articles to help you get the most out of your (new and old) iPad. Along with helping you get the most of your iPad we have created some help articles to give you ideas on how and where to use your iFrame with your iPad. We hope these help you and if you have suggestions or additional questions please take a look at our FAQ or feel free to contact us.

iFrame Ideas

10 Ways to Use iFrame

- You can turn your iPad into a high-end digital photo frame in just a few quick and easy taps. Here's your ultimate step-by-step iPad digital photo frame guide.

What to do with old iPads

- There is still a lot of life left in your old iPad, so don't just leave it collecting dust in a drawer! Here are some creative ideas on what to do with your old iPad.

Digital Photo Frame

Ultimate iPad Digital Photo Frame Guide

- You can turn your iPad into a high-end digital

Alternative to Traditional Photo Frames

- Are you interested in a digital photo frame but just havent found exactly what you wanted? Read how and why your iPad could be the answer you were looking for!

How to Convert an iPad into a Digital Photo Frame

- Whether your iPad is an old model or a new Pro with a retina display, your iPad is a great way to view photos. Here's how to turn an iPad into a digital photo frame.

Apps & Accessories

How to use the iPad 's Picture Frame mode

- Never used the Picture Frame Mode? Not sure what Picture Frame Mode even is? Get our step by step directions on how to use the iPad's picture frame mode.

iPad Wall Mount

Great Places to Wall Mount an iPad in your Home

- From your kitchen, to your workout room, to your office, or in a child's bedroom there are so many great places and reasons to wall mount an ipad.

iPad Stand

Not Your Traditional iPad Stand

- Shopping for something to prop up your iPad? Not sure what to look for or what it should do? Read on and get these and more questions about iPad stands answered!