10 Ways to Use iFrame for the iPad

So you have already purchased or are thinking about buying the iFrame for the iPad but still aren't sure where you would use it? Or how you might use it? For additional ideas on what iPad apps would help make your life easier we did a write up on the highest rated digital photo frame apps for the iPad.

  1. Family Photos Picture Frame
  2. Sonos / Nest Control Station in the Kitchen
  3. Dynamic Weather Display
  4. Digital Recipe Book
  5. Family Calendar
  6. Countertop To Do List
  7. Slideshow Display for Holidays and Events
  8. Kitchen Timer
  9. Quote of the Day Display
  10. Baby Monitor
  11. Beautiful Clock Display
  12. Send Photo Slideshows Directly to Friends + Family Members
  13. Grocery List / Instacart Access
  14. Ambient News Updates
  15. Traffic Tracker

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