How to Convert an iPad into a Digital Photo Frame

New or old, your iPad is a great way to view photos. Here's how to turn an iPad into a digital photo frame.

Get some photos on board, or access images over the Net.

There are several ways to get photos onto your iPad. You can set it up to sync photos from an application or folder on your computer using iTunes on either Windows or Mac.

You can also use the camera on your iPad to take pictures, which are automatically stored on your device's camera roll (and will also sync to iCloud if you have that set up).

Beyond storing photos directly on the device or iCloud, you could also use one of the popular online photo sites to power your iPad photo frame. Apps such as PhotoStackr for Instagram allow you to view your own photos as well as photos from your followers, the people you follow, or anyone in the Instagram community. Use slideshow mode to display the photo streams that you choose,or use the app to save Instagram images to your iPad. Photo Frame for Flickr does the same thing for displaying Flickr photos, even if you do not have a Flickr account.

Frame your iPad.

There are also lots of options for putting your iPad photo frame on display. iFrame is our favorite for its beauty and functionality, but something as simple as an iPad Smart Cover or Smart Case can be used as a stand. For more creative ideas take a look at our article on iPad stand options.

Start the digital photo frame show.

Whether you hang your iPad on the wall or place it on a desk or table, there are lots of ways to make it perform as a digital photo frame. We already mentioned PhotoStackr and Photo Frame for Flickr and their built in slideshow features above. You can also use the iPad's native apps to display a slideshow.

If you've got an older iPad using earlier than iOS 7, then Picture Frame Mode is the way to go. On the other hand, if your iPad is all up to date and using the latest iOS version, you can fire up the Photos app and start your slideshow from there. Our comprehensive iPad digital photo frame guide explains both processes in further detail.

Have fun. Display memories.

Using an iPad as a digital photo frame can add a relaxing addition to your work desk, or it can make a great conversation starter when friends or family gather together. If you have an older iPad that doesn't see much use anymore, why not dress it up in a gorgeous handmade iFrame and add some instant pizazz to your home or office?

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