Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still access the touch screen?
Yes! There is no glass in front of the iPad's screen, so it works as usual.
You say you can access all key iPad functionality. What does that include? What about the home button?
The lock switch, the volume buttons, and the touchscreen are all easily accessible when the iPad is in iFrame. The home button is not itself accessible, but is replaced by the iPad's "home" gesture (pinch with four or five fingers), which you can enable in Settings. The only thing that is not accessible is the headphone jack.
How does the iPad fit in the iFrame?
It's really easy. The frame's black velvet back opens on a hinge, and your iPad slips neatly into a spacer, which holds it in place. You then close up the back with a few tabs, which hold the back in place, just like with a normal picture frame. All this takes just 10 seconds. We've timed it.
Is music audible when played on the iPad when it's in the iFrame?
Yes. Volume is slightly reduced, but words, lyrics, and instruments are all clearly audible.
Do you have iFrames for the iPad mini? What about the iPad Pro?
Not yet. If you want one, please let us know at
Do you have other styles available?
Not online, but if you're ordering ten or more, we can do custom orders.
What app do I use to show photos?
The iPad Photos app has a great slideshow mode. Picmatic is another great choice.
Which iPad models work with iFrame?
iFrame will work with the first three generations of the 10" iPad: the iPad 1 (with the curved back), the iPad 2 (flat back), the iPad 3 / "new iPad" (the first with the retina display) and iPad Air 1 & 2. iFrame currently does *not* support the iPad mini, though we will in the future.
Are you affiliated with Apple in any way?
Nope. iPad is a trademark of Apple and Apple has absolutely nothing to do with this project.
Are you serious about the name? Don't you know that <iframe> is an HTML element?
Yes we know. :)
I have a question that's not answered here. What should I do?
Please contact us